CfHE fellowship Program: Duration 1 year

This program aims at bringing together engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and the business community on a single platform to design and innovate in the field of healthcare, biomedical devices, and services to create a social impact.


Entrepreneurs, products, companies in the field of Healthcare

The Curriculum Highlights

  • The curriculum focuses on biodesign innovation through a structured plan of Product development containing
    • Clinical immersion to identify the unmet needs
    • Needs filtering and Needs Statement development
    • Ideation and brainstorming to develop solutions to the problems
    • Implementation: Product Prototyping, Design, Validation
    • Regulatory aspects and Intellectual Property
    • Business plan development and Strategies for marketing
  • The fellows get exposure to experts from clinic, medical device industry, entrepreneurs, IP/ legal and safety and regulatory experts.
  • Hands on training on 3-D rapid prototyping for quick designing of products, validation of ideas etc
  • A basket of technology electives from IITH to bridge the gaps in expertise related to the project
  • The fellows get training on how to form start up /new ventures and writing business plan for their start up and proceed to incubating the companies
  • The fellows would present a workable prototype of their idea and present the business plan at the end of the program leading to a startup and pitching to VCs


Amitkumar Vernekar

Amitkumar Vernekar (2018-19)

Cyril Antony J

Cyril Antony J (2018-19)

Devendra M Ghodki

Devendra M Ghodki (2018-19)

Iftak Hussain

Iftak Hussain (2018-19)

Jigneshkumar Ramjibhai Patel

Jigneshkumar Ramjibhai Patel (2018-19)

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar (2018-19)

Ravikumar Rajappa

Ravikumar Rajappa (2018-19)

Sagar Kirtane

Sagar Kirtane (2018-19)

Sintu Kumawat

Sintu Kumawat (2018-19)

Yadav Rajesh Thangavel

Yadav Rajesh Thangavel (2018-19)

Abhay Tanksali

Abhay Tanksali (2017-18)

Akitha Kolloju

Akitha Kolloju (2017-18)

Laxman Buneti

Laxman Buneti (2017-18)

Muddam Prasad

Muddam Subrahmanyam Prasad (2017-18)

Nibedit Dey

Nibedit Dey (2017-18)

Habib Ali

Habib Ali (2016-17)


KVKLN Rao (2016-17)

Manoj Sanker P R

Manoj Sanker P R (2016-17)

Pratyusha Reddy

Pratyusha Reddy (2016-17)

Shashank Shivdev

Shashank Shivdev (2016-17)